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  1. Tryouts are Tuesday 1/19-Friday 1/22 from 3-4:30pm @ George Pierce Park on the Turf Field. Teams will be announced on Friday evening via email.
    1. Players should plan to be at the field around 2:45pm, as we will start PROMPTLY at 3pm.
  2. Players are REQUIRED to have a physical and ALL RankOne paperwork completed BEFORE trying out. If a player is missing any paperwork, they will not be allowed to participate in tryouts that day. ***This is VERY important***
  3. Players need the following items to tryout:

                                i.     Physical & active RankOne forms

                               ii.     Lacrosse stick

                              iii.     Face mask

                              iv.     Mouth Guard

                               v.     PERSONAL water bottle (bc, germs & COVID)

                              vi.   Cleats                                          

  1. We will complete symptom and temperature checks everyday before tryouts & practice starts, as well as observe social distancing where possible, and expect players to wear a facial covering when not actively playing to ensure the safety and health of all players, parents, and coaches.
  2. Practice will start the following Monday 1/25 from 3-4:30pm @ George Pierce Park (On the turf field).
    1. Players should plan to be at the field around 2:45pm, as we will start PROMPTLY at 3pm.

More information about the season (including game schedules) will be released once teams have been decided & announced.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email!

Thanks & Go Dawgs!!!!

Kristy Carter,  kristy.carter@gcpsk12.org


Pre-Season Work Outs begin NOW!

  • Players interested in pre-season conditioning should contact Coach Carter or Coach Orlowski.  Conditioning will begin Monday, October 19 on the track from 2:30 to 4 pm.
  • There are many options for players to get some off-season play in the area.  
  • Gwinnett Rush is the perfect local option.  Check out their website for more information.

Congrats to our Bulldogs Playing in College

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